Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ESO in Dhofar!

I'm sharing this from Dhofar Eco Bug because it's definitely worth spreading. The Environment Society of Oman are holding a meeting in Salalah next week. At the moment I'm out of the country, otherwise I'd go myself. If you're in Salalah next week, you should consider going. If you're teaching at one of the colleges or the university  in Salalah (H & E?) it may be  good to go in order to pick up some ideas on how to involve students.
"I am delighted to announce that ESO (Environment Society of Oman) are holding a meeting in Salalah for their Dhofar members. The meeting will take place on Monday 11th July from 5 - 7pm at the Port of Salalah Auditorium. I would strongly encourage all ESO members to attend and, if you're not already a member, why not come along anyway and join up that evening? Please confirm attendance by contacting Omar Al Riyami (ESO volunteering/membership manager)

I think this represents a great opportunity for us to get involved and hopefully create an active local group. There is often a tendency for all activity to be based in and around Muscat. Let's turn up in large numbers and show that Dhofar is committed to the environmental cause!"

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  1. كنت وما زلت من المتحمسين لان لأنظم لهذه الجمعية ..
    صدمت لما ذهبت لمقرهم بمسقط (الخوير) حيث إستشفيت بأن هذه الجمعية لم تنشأ لعامة الشعب بل مقصورة ع فئة معينة من طليعة الناس .. هذا ما احسست به عند بحثي المضني عن مقرهم ودخولي له