Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's help 'them' build something!

Hi everyone! No, this is not my regular column. I was doing a little tour of the blogosphere this morning and found Dan & Jillian's latest post from Sohar. They both teach at Al Batinah International School and are hoping to take a group of kids from the school to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in October to help build a home for a homeless family in Sri Lanka. They're collecting donations for the project. ANything from $10 up. Any small amount will make a difference. Payment is safe via PayPayl (I tried it this morning!). Please make a small donation if you can. It'll take you less than one minute and you'll feel really good afterwards, trust me. Here's more from their blog: .
Dear readers,
I'm proud to tell you that in October Jillian and I are leading a team of secondary students to Sri Lanka to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. During our 11-day trip we will help build a house for a family in need of a home. In a country devastated by natural disasters and where the average income is around $40 (15 OMR) per month, many families cannot afford even the most basic accommodation.
Our students will make a real difference.
Here's where you come in: we need to raise money to make this possible. A large portion of the money we raise goes directly into the house in the form of building supplies (concrete, rubble, wood, etc). The rest of the money will simply get our team to Sri Lanka and provide us with minimal lodging and food while we work.
During their IT class the students have created a webpage to provide more information and to collect donations (we collect credit card donations via Paypal, so the transactions are very safe). I encourage you to at least check out the website and watch the video...you'll meet the members of this awesome student team! Click here for the website. If you can, please donate, even if only a small amount..
Our kids are about to get the experience of a lifetime and help someone in need. Be a part of it!
For more information on Habitat for Humanity, click here and here.


  1. Fantastic project... now THAT is real education. Please do keep us posted on progress... and perhaps show more teachers how it is done.
    More power to ya!

  2. Awesome project, and a true example for educators in Oman. BTW, the PayPal donation on their site works a charm.
    (For anyone who doesn't have a PayPal account yet, this is the perfect excuse to sign up... it really is doable, and tis for a good cause as well.)
    Looking forward to reading more about it on Dan & Jillian's blog!